Meet some of the brilliant minds who have attended Be Sage over the years:

Christie Osborne, Mountainside Media

Reytheda Jackson,
Stoh-ree Events

Sheena Kalso,
The Invisible Hostess

Kristi Drago-Price,
Editor’s Edge


Susan McCleary, Passionflower

I decided to attend the Be Sage conference because I was at a crossroads in my business. I’d been flying by the seat of my pants for the past 7 years, allowing things to just “happen” to my business, instead of taking the reigns and deliberately choosing my direction. I knew I’d hear from speakers who have achieved big things, and I knew I’d be surrounded by business owners like me looking to blossom professionally. Placing myself within that inspirational mix allowed me to glean much of the practical knowledge I needed to grow, and also boosted my courage and confidence.   I now have a successful online course that is providing the passive income I needed to be able to pursue my passion ever further.


Heather Ann Leavitt, Sweet Heather Anne

When I arrived at the Be Sage Conference, my passion driven bakery was balancing tenuously on the countless hours I was putting in to make it work.  Now I have training materials, a handbook, a kitchen manager, a dishwasher, and time to devote to working on the business instead of in it.  Dare I say work-life balance?  It's amazing!


Geomyra Lewis, Geomyra Lewis Events

Be Sage is hands down one of my favorite conferences to attend. Not only are the speakers and content amazing, the networking component alone is worth the cost of the ticket! Michelle curates the best speakers in and outside of the wedding industry to provide education that is applicable to all. 


Jesi Haack, Jesi Haack Design

This experience has been flawless from start to finish.  Things I loved about this conference:

  • The impeccable organization of the itinerary. So well planned and thought out!

  • The fun surprises at every turn. A treat in my room, a treat at the welcome party, a treat at my table, another treat at my table every time I come in from a break. So intentional!

  • The community of shared experiences you have created. What a unique experience. None of us are experts, we ALL are! No division between speakers and attendees.

  • The wide arrange of wise people and stories you placed on the speaker panel. SO MUCH BIGGER than weddings and the wedding world. This was my most favorite of surprises.


Gretchen Culver, Rocket Science Events

The Be Sage Conference is one of the best conferences for wedding industry professionals who are really looking to better their businesses. I was so impressed with the depth of content and relevant takeaways that each speaker provided. The other attendees were all awesome and I loved learning from them as well. There was plenty of time for connecting and relationship building at the many fantastic parties and activities that surrounded the time in sessions. I left Be Sage feeling energized with actionable steps to take my business to the next level AND new friends in the industry. If you are serious about your profession and like having fun don't hesitate to sign up for this conference, it is worth every penny!


Kelly Thompson, Fleur

Attending Be Sage always leaves me with volumes of great information that I utilize to grow my business.  But most importantly it energizes me.  Be Sage rejuvenates my passion and focus, which makes it so much easier to appropriate the knowledge I took away.  And, I always love seeing old friends and meeting new ones as well!


Ashley Robinson, BEC Production

Be Sage is ideal for experienced special event business owners looking to grow their business to the next level. As I was entering my 5th year in business (my 1st year being full time), I knew I needed a conference that spoke to the business, not the creative side. I’ve heard from others who’ve attended that this is what I would receive and they were right. I know how to get a bride down the aisle with my eyes closed, how to do a timeline, and how to conduct a consultation. I needed the “now what part” answered. How to properly grow & maintain a team, how to plan financially in the off-season, things like this were the things I’ve learned. Compared to other conferences I've attended, Be Sage provided the intimacy I desired and the growth tactics I needed. Other conferences have too many topics going simultaneously, too much inspiration chatter, and too much novice talk. 


Michelle Edgemont, Michelle Edgemont Design

At Be Sage Conference, I learned how to better position my business to serve corporate clients by utilizing Linkedin, removing a lot of the gushy wedding verbiage from my site, and creating streamlined processes specifically for corporate work.


Christiane Zweifler, Floranova

3 years ago, it was time to make big changes to my business. I was burned out after running my business for 12 years with just part-time and freelance assistance and working almost every weekend. I needed to hire a reliable team. That’s when I attended the Be Sage Conference for the first time: several speakers there gave me the encouragement, the tools, and the processes to implement the changes for my business: since then I hired 2 wonderful, full-time employees and several part-timers who are able to run most aspects of the operational side of my business. And with some more help from Michelle over the years with financial advising I am now in a position that gives me a healthy work-life balance. I couldn’t be happier!


Christy Weber, Action & Co.

The Be Sage Conference is truly unique in the world of weddings. It has a laser-like focus on helping wedding professionals build rock-solid business foundations, and maintain them for the long haul. Michelle Loretta and the Be Sage speakers offer attendees an incredible combination of tactical business advice, big picture strategic thinking, creative inspiration, and of course, a whole lot of fun. There is no way to walk out of Be Sage without a stronger, more effective business approach and a community of like-minded peers to support your business evolution.


Mayra Castillo, The Gate

The most valuable lesson I learned at Be Sage was learning to think about my business from a non-emotional place. It challenged me to think about its weaknesses and think about ways to fix them to create a stronger product. 



Claudia Smith, Fig 2 Design

Attending the Be Sage Conference was a great investment. Being in the stationery business, I was initially afraid the conference would be geared heavily towards planners and issues they face, but instead was surprised at how much of the content was applicable to anyone in the weddings and events industry. The speakers knew their audience and shared great insight on various topics. Everything from building culture to productivity were covered—even scary topics like accounting, legal, and SEO were covered in a format that was easy to understand and then apply to all businesses across the board. If you’re looking to connect with more people in the wedding and events industry and learn more ways to improve the ins and outs of your business, I highly recommend Be Sage!