Q. What is Be Sage Conference?

A. Be Sage Conference is a “meeting of the minds”.  It’s hard-core, no-fluff, solid business education.  It’s also a time for small business owners to rekindle the flame they once had for their business (we often hear from our attendees that they walk away from Be Sage totally rejuvenated again).  It’s a time for entrepreneurs to spur each other on with incredible, new and fresh ideas.  It’s a time for you to devote yourself to advanced business education that will help take your small biz strategy to the next level!

The conference is produced by Sage Wedding Pros, a business consultancy for the wedding and event industries founded in 2009 and lead by Michelle Loretta.

Q.  What’s the history of Be Sage and where are you headed in 2020?

A.  In 2014, we launched Be Sage in Chicago, in 2015 we were in Dallas, in 2016 the conference took place in Cabo San Lucas. In 2017, Be Sage was held on Hilton Head Island and 2019 was held in Miami. You can see our past conferences here.

For our 6th year of Be Sage Conference we are headed to Austin, Texas!

Q.  I had bad luck with a conference canceling and I lost all my money. How can I be sure you won't do the same?

A.  This is horrible. I am sorry this happened. And, I'm horrified that you were not refunded.

Since we started doing workshops in 2009, we always have felt a HUMONGOUS sense of responsibility for the investment people make with us. It's why we commit so much to the educational content we provide.

If anything horrible should happen in which we have to cancel the conference, we would refund you 100% and we will provide some token of apology. (This would likely come in the form of a free 1-hour consultation.) We would also provide up to $300 for any cancellation fees on airfare and/or hotel.

We have had to cancel 2 workshops in our 10 years because of poor registration. And with each one of those experiences, we have refunded people IMMEDIATELY and provided free services. (I am happy to share individuals who can act as a reference for that experience.)

You should read our attendee cancelation policy below. In exchange for our commitment to you, we ask for the same in return. If you need to cancel, we ask that you find a suitable replacement for your ticket.

Q. What are topics that Be Sage speakers will be presenting on?

A.  We pride ourselves on top-notch curriculum. We are creating the curriculum this very minute. In 2016, attendees learned about:

  • The Science of Happiness and How it Can Better Your Business

  • How to Become an Epic Expert and Gain New Opportunities

  • Ways That Your Online Communications are Missing the Mark

  • How to Get Out of the Wedding Box and Expand Your Business into Other Events

  • How to Sell Digital and Physical Products Online

  • How to Surprise & Delight Clients and Prospects; The WOW Effect

  • How to Put Your Team First, Ahead of Clients & Profitability

  • How to Grow Your Business With Other People’s Money

  • What’s Next in Social Media? Positioning Your Business for Tomorrow’s Brides

In 2017, attendees learned:

  • OPENNESS & COLLABORATION - Michelle Loretta, Sage Wedding Pros

  • THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS AND A SENSE OF CULTURE - Sunny Grosso, Delivering Happiness

  • HIGH TECH & HIGH TOUCH - Terrica Skaggs, Cocktails & Details


  • SCALING THE CREATIVE BUSINESS - Kristy Rice, Momental Designs

  • STOP IN THE NAME OF LAW-VE - Annette Stepanian

  • THERE’S NO CRYING IN ACCOUNTING - a financial round table with Michelle Loretta

  • HOW TO MAKE GOOGLE HAPPY IN 2018 - Myrna P. Daramy, Mezzohead Media



  • WHO, WHAT, WHY IN 2018 - Michelle Loretta, Sage Wedding Pros

In 2019, attendees learned:

  • Simplifying How to Work With A Virtual Team: Delegation, Automation, and Thriving as a Super Boss! - Mary Baird Wilcock, The Simplifiers

  • How Strategic Mentorship Can Level Up Your Business - Christie Lindor

  • The Employee Revolving Door – Managing Team Turnover - Katie Blineau

  • Google Analytics for Busy Business Owners: The Easy Way to Use Google Analytics to Gain Isights that Grow Your Business - Christie Osborne

  • How to Attract More Dream Clients: How to Write Your Own Clear, Sincere Copy - Nikki Elledge Brown

  • Reinvention & Relevancy: How to Create a Lasting Mark on the Industry - Kristin Banta

Q.  Is this for newer or more established business owners?

A.  While newer businesses will absolutely benefit from this conference, we do believe that entrepreneurs who have been in business 2+ years will benefit more than those in their start-up phase - they have a history to work from, they likely already have a business plan in place, etc.  However, if you’re hungry for higher-level education then this is the conference for you!

Q.  How many people do you anticipate attending the conference?

A.  We will be maxing out registration at 60 participants.  We want this to continue to be as intimate of an experience as possible, while still allowing for a good-size group to benefit from the education. We anticipate that we will sell out this year, so be sure to snag your seat now to guarantee your spot! NOTE: this conference appears to be selling quicker than in past years.

Q.  What is included in the price of the conference?

A.  The price of the conference is $1900. Welcome Party Event with Dinner, Breakfast on Day 1 and Day 2 of the Conference, Lunch on Day 1 and Day 2 of the Conference, and Closing Party with Dinner on Day 2 of the Conference.  Of course, the registration fee, and all materials, to attend the Conference is also included. 

Q.  What’s not included in the price of the conference?

A.  Transportation is not included in the price of the conference.  With everyone coming in on different days/times it’s going to be easiest logistically for attendees to make their own transportation plans – so we did not include this in the price of the conference fee.  You’ll be responsible for your transportation arrangements to/from the hotel as well as any trips you’d like to make outside of the resort on your own.  

Q. What is your refund/exchange policy?

A.  This is a highly sought-after educational conference. There are no refunds or exchanges if you are unable to attend. You may, however, transfer or sell your ticket to another person for the same value as purchased.

Q.  What happens in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster and as an attendee, you’ve already paid for the conference fee and hotel?

A.  In the event of a hurricane or natural disaster, we would first make attempts to reschedule.  If you are unable to attend the new location and/or date, we would then refund your conference registration fee completely.  In addition, you would not be liable for the Secrets room charges in the event that there is an Act of God (ie – hurricane, natural disaster, etc.). 

If you decide to cancel for personal reasons, please note the following:

  • Room cancellations must be made with Westin and their hotel policy will apply.

  • The Be Sage ticket registration is not refundable but can be transferred to another individual.

Q.  How can I learn about sponsorship opportunities?

A.  Learn more about our opportunities here and email michelle@sageweddingpros.com .

Q. How can I apply to be a speaker at Be Sage?

A.  We are interested in hearing from you if you speak on topics NOT currently being shared in the wedding industry. If you’re interested in being considered for a speaker at this year’s Be Sage Conference, please submit your application here.