We have heard from a few wedding professionals who had a very negative experience with a conference that was cancelled in 2016. These individuals were not refunded for their registration, in addition to the inconvenience.

I'm horrified by this. This is completely unacceptable to me.

Since we started doing workshops in 2009, we have always felt a HUMONGOUS sense of responsibility for the investment people make with us. It's why we commit so much to the educational content we provide.

If anything horrible should happen in which we have to cancel the conference, I would refund you 100% and I will provide some token of apology. (This would likely come in the form of a free 1-hour consultation.) We would also provide up to $300 for any cancellation fees on airfare and/or hotel.

We have had to cancel 2 workshops in our 10 years because of poor registration. And with each one of those experiences, we have refunded people IMMEDIATELY and provided free services. (I am happy to share individuals who can act as a reference for that experience.)

You should read our attendee cancelation policy in our FAQs. In exchange for our commitment to you, we ask for the same in return. If you need to cancel, we ask that you find a suitable replacement for your ticket.

Michelle Loretta